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Lunch & Show Reservations at Cabaret Lido Paris tickets

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Lunch & Show Reservations at Cabaret Lido Paris

Venue: Lido de Paris

116 bis avenue des champs-Élysées
75008 Paris
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Event details

Enjoy an unforgettable experience filled with sublime dancers, lavish costumes and stunning tableaux. Explore the refined cuisine created in house by our Chef Philippe Lacroix.

• Lunch with live orchestra starting at 1:00 pm
• A half-bottle of champagne or wine
• The Show « Bonheur » at 3:00 pm


Program details

Since the grand opening at 78 Avenue des Champs-Élysées on June 21, 1946, 26 revues have been created:

1946 : Sans rimes, ni raisons
1946 : Mississipi
1947 : Made in Paris
1948 : Confetti
1949 : Bravo
1950 : Enchantement
1951 : Rendez-vous
1953 : Voilà
1954 : Désirs
1955 : Voulez-vous
1956 : C’est Magnifique
1957 : Prestige
1959 : Avec Plaisir
1961 : Pour vous
1962 : Suivez moi
1964 : Quelle nuit
1966 : Pourquoi pas p
1969 : Grand Prix
1971 : Bonjour la nuit
1973 : Grand Jeu
1977 : Allez Lido
1981 : Cocorico
1985 : Panache
1990 : Bravissimo
1994 : C’est Magique
2003 : Bonheur
Shows for children have also been created for the Christmas season.
Each show means 42 Bluebell Girls and 16 Lido Boys on the stage and behind the curtains, and 24 dressing assistants facilitating the 20 to 30 costume changes, some of which must be completed in less than a minute. It also means 12 seamstresses to maintain the 600 costumes and 30 technicians who bustle about each day, not to mention the control room manager surveying both theatre and stage and ready to act on a moment’s notice.
On 8 December 2003, the audience attended the premiere of the first revue of the 21st century: «Bonheur« .
Artistic Director Pierre Rambert designed the Revue Bonheur based on a single theme that links the four tableaux.
« I imagined a bird-woman arriving on her cloud of feathers from a shore where happiness does not exist. She will discover it through four different worlds: Women. Paris. India. And the Cinema ».
The Lido called on the greatest costume artists and the biggest names in haute couture, including François Lesage and Lemarie.
Bonheur features a plethora of luxury and special effects, featuring:
• 23 setss
• a 5-metre-tall Indian temple
• 80,000 litres of water for the pool and the water features
• 600 costumes
• 150,000 sequins
• 500 pairs of custom shoes
• 150 000 pearls
• 60 000 crystals for the 600 pieces of stage jewellery
• 20 000 watts
• 90 spotlights…
The Revue Bonheur is more than just a show; it will take you on a journey of emotions that catch the light and make dreams shimmer.
Lido de Paris

Located on the most famous avenue in the world, the Champs-Élysées, the Lido and its revues have added sparkle to the « City of Light » and « Paris by night » since 1946.

The first Lido

In 1946, Joseph and Louis Clerico took over the Lido, a venue that had been very fashionable in the Belle Époque of the 1920s with a décor inspired by Venice and its celebrated Lido beach.

They transformed it from top to bottom to create a one-of-a-kind cabaret.

Many glitteringly successful revues followed, each more spectacular than its predecessor. And for each one, the world’s most glamorous avenue was the scene of a star-studded opening night, attended by the cream of international high society.

In 1958, the Lido show was produced at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas. The original contract was for six months. It was extended…for thirty-two years.

The Lido today

This uninterrupted string of successes led the Lido to move from 78 Champs Elysées to 116 bis in 1977. The new cabaretis at the exit of the George V metro station, in the Normandie building, next to the largest cinema of the period.

The venue is a technological feat:

• 7,500 m² with 6 floors from the stage to the ceiling

• a 1,150-seat panoramic theatre designed without columns to ensure perfect visibility: a single, 45-meter-long prestressed concrete beam supports the entire structure.

• A giant elevator allows the orchestra section, where 300 guests dine, to sink 80 centimetres into the floor to further improve visibility for the show.

• The machinery is unique in the entire world and includes an ice rink, a water screen and a pool.

60 years after its creation, the Lido and its revue remain unrivalled symbols of Paris by night, a place for enchantment and beauty..



• Taking photographs of, filming or recording the show is prohibited.
Pictures may not be taken in the theatre.

• Children ages 4 and older are welcome

• Casual elegant dress code. Coat and tie appreciated. Shorts, Bermuda shorts, athletic clothing and tennis shoes are not allowed.

Arrival : approximately 30 minutes before your evening begins

• Compulsory cloakroom: €2

SCHEDULES - Open everyday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 AM



Metro ligne 1 station Georges V • RER A station Charles de Gaules Etoile • Many parkings near the Lido

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